Joanna Mieszkowicz

Joanna Mieszkowicz is the founder and president of Aeris Futuro Foundation. She has consistently been putting forward ideas revolving around eco-innovative solutions. Pioneer of the first CO2 calculator in Poland, she is the author of the Polish “4 x O” method, whose four Os in Polish stand for: discover, assess, limit, and impact, respectively. The method is aimed to acquaint people with the practical dimension of sustainable development. She has been putting her entire effort into changing the way nature preservation and environment protection are perceived, bringing it closer to our daily routines. She has participated in numerous domestic and international seminars and workshops dealing with sustainable growth. She is an educator, social innovator, “eco-mother”, dancer, and traveller.

Expert advice is in the book: “My own sapling”

Click on the cover and look
inside the book
Click on the cover and look inside the book

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