I can’t have everything

The Adventures of Fenek

Fenek is with his parents in a supermarket. He wants them to buy him a little toy horse and a pen to put it in very much. Unfortunately, his parents do not want to agree, which irritates the boy. Will he be able to convince them eventually?

By purchasing this book (Paperback) you will receive a QR code to download free worksheets, colouring books, class scripts for teachers, and a dedicated mp3 song.

Thanks to this book, your child will:

  • will learn that he/she can’t always have all he/she wants;
  • will realise that other parents do not buy their children everything they desire, either;
  • will see that interesting toys do not have to be bought, and that it is possible to make them on one’s own;
  • will learn to make good use of containers and objects that aren’t being used anymore, giving them a “new life”.

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