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Tomasz Rożek

Tomasz Rożek is a Polish science journalist and physicist affiliated with “Gość Niedzielny”. His texts are published in the most popular papers and magazines. He runs his own video blog “Nauka. To lubię” on, radio shows (“Strefa nauki”), and brings the ins and outs of science closer to the public in the “Dzień Dobry TVN” show. The Ministry of Science and University Education, together with the “Nauka w Polsce” portal, have recognized his work, honouring him with the Promoter of Science award. His book “Nauka – po prostu. Wywiady z wybitnymi” has been acclaimed the best popular science publication of the 2010/2011 season.

Expert advice is in the book “Fun in the Snow”.

Click on the cover and look
inside the book
Click on the cover and look inside the book

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