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Educational tales – Fenek the little fox

Meet a unique friend of all children. Get ready for Fenek, who is waiting for you. He’s the smiling fox who overcomes new challenges, struggles with difficulties, and experiences many fascinating adventures. Fenek shares all his experiences with the youngest. The educational tales about this little fox are an excellent offer for every pre-schooler who is curious to discover the world around him/her, and who wants to travel to the unique world of this friendly pet and find out what all his secrets are. The Adventures of Fenek series is made up of educational fairy tales to read (traditional paperback books and e-books), as well as audiobooks with stories to listen to. Fenek shares his knowledge with young readers and presents a variety of situations, everyday challenges, emotions and feelings in a funny way. Together with Fenek, every child can learn, play and move around. Are you interested in really valuable tales for children? Fenek the little fox can’t wait to meet you! Take your child to the land of our little hero’s fantastic adventures!

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Educational tales for children – get to know our unique series

Each educational tale for children about the adventures of Fenek the little fox is a great way to provide the youngest with a handful of new knowledge in a light and entertaining form. We have divided the books about the little fox into thematic series. Each series has been assigned a different problem. The subsequent tales look at various emotions, character and personality traits, relationships, values, and senses. What is true friendship all about? When can longing appear in a child’s life? What sort of situations are touching, and what can lead to remorse? How can one improve one’s assertiveness, sense of independence, or creativity? Why is selfless behaviour so important? Your child will find the answers to all these and many other questions by analysing the behaviour of our wise little hero.

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A variety of topics

The tales about Fenek the little fox are books in which we have chosen a slightly different array of main themes. Our friendly fox teaches readers good manners; he shows them what proper relationships should look like, and what courtesy words and expressions are always worth using. In the series, youngest readers will find a great deal of lessons on safety, the natural elements, environmental protection, and proper health care. Children accompany Fenek to the theatre, the museum, the restaurant, and the library; they get to know the seasons, find out the names of the days of the week, the names of months, or the hours. There are also plenty of more difficult topics that help to break various taboos in conversations with a child – e.g. death in the family, divorce, or adoption. The educational tales for children from the “Adventures of Fenek” series are a real mine of information that has been carefully adapted to the needs of every pre-schooler.

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Discover the advantages of The Adventures of Fenek

Taking a very reader-friendly approach, the series covers several major issues from the cognitive, educational and therapeutic angle. The books clearly show the line between good and evil. They are eagerly used by parents, psychologists, therapists, educators.
The length of the text, carefully adapted to the age of a pre-schooler, allows to stay focused while reading, and makes it easier for the parent to carry out the evening ritual of reading before bedtime, which is so important in building a spiritual bond and trust.
The pages of the books include additional questions that check the knowledge of the content and help to consolidate all the difficult words. The questions develop children’s perceptiveness, their ability to count, recognise colours, emotions and distinguish between the right and the left side. They also enhance imagination and train memory. Children often can’t wait to answer those questions.
The carefully developed style and concept of the book reappears in all the subsequent parts, which makes using the entire series really simple.

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Additional advantages

An additional advantage of The Adventures of Fenek are the additional materials available after purchasing the book. Depending on the title, these can be colouring books, worksheets, lesson plans or songs that help to revise the content of the book.

What is the price of the tale about Fenek?

These educational books for children are lavishly illustrated. You can get them for a little less than 10 USD. Are you interested in our great deals? The free materials added to our books make their price even more attractive. We have enhanced our tales by adding lots of interesting ideas to them on how to spend your free time in a great way after reading the book, opinions of experts (physicians, educators, psychologists, fire fighters), colouring books, and lesson plans. Their rich content guarantees that these tales are an ideal support of education. Together with your child, get to know the tales about Fenek the little fox. Make sure your youngest has a wonderful time, and encourage him/her to be more active. Arrange your own set of educational tales and get ready to soak in the world of the big adventures of our little fox.

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Traditions of great cartoon figures

The Adventures of Fenek series was born in Bielsko-Biała (Poland), the city that is steeped in long-standing traditions of great cartoon figures, such as Bolek and Lolek, and Reksio. It is also the birthplace of Fenek, the little hero of thousands of children across Poland. Now it’s time for children from around the world to meet him too.